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'I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High God has worked for me' (Daniel 4:2 NKJV)


God responded to my prayers, I got a letter from Home Office yesterday. I called them on Friday afternoon and by Sunday after church they gave me indefinite leave to remain in the UK even though I had not lived in the UK for 2 years. God just made it happen after Pastor  prophesied. Praise the Lord. I am so happy. 

..... Sis L


I came for one of the miracle services and the Pastor prophesied that I was going to get a well paying job within 28 days, nothing happened until the 26th day when I got a phone call to come and start a job I did not apply for and it was exactly the kind of job I had been trusting God for. I got a miracle job. To God be praise.

....Sis R

cancer healed

The doctor told me I had only 6 weeks to live because according to their medical diagnosis, the cancer had spread beyond chemotherapy but I came to one of the special services and the Pastor prophesied that God has removed the cancer from my body and after the service I went for a check up and the result came out the cancer had disappeared. I am very grateful to God for healing me of Cancer. 

...Bro B

cervical cancer healed

During a routine smear, the doctors found some abnormal cells which was later confirmed to be cervical cancer. Every 6 months I needed to have tests done. I searched many different churches for help but got led to JFFI. I went to the deliverance services every Tuesday where the Pastor ministered to me 'that this condition will not be mine forever... God will visit me and it will be removed'. After receiving a word, I went to read 1st Peter 2:25. At my next test, they told me my results were normal. It is only God that can perform these miracles and I give him all the praise.

.... Sis Tendai

Other Testimonies recorded during our midweek meetings and Sunday service includes:

Cancer Healed 
HIV Healed 
Diabetes Healed
Ovarian Cyst Healed
Migraine Healed
Blindness Healed
Deafness Healed
Polycystic Ovaries Healed
Acute Backache Healed
Chronic Eye Disease Healed
Debt Cancellation
Financial Breakthrough
Deliverance from tormenting spirits
... and many more.
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