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Church Leadership
Welcome to a church going to the ends of the earth birthing a ministry that will spark the end time revival raising world class leaders and changing lives. A pioneering spirit is attributed to a dynamic Senior Pastor and supporting team. You can find out more about the men and women God has placed at the helm of here.
Senior Pastor 
Dr. Chibuzor Ezekiel
Reverend Chibuzor Ezekiel is a preacher and teacher of the word with healings and miracles following. He is an MBA professional, widely travelled and a mentor to many people all over the world. He takes joy in seeing every area of people’s lives transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit. He is committed to teaching the word of God to produce a lasting change in people’s lives.
Reverend Evelyn Ezekiel is a Pharmacist, Life Coach Project Manager and Creative Arts Director or Creative Space at JFFI. Reverend Evelyn has a passion for helping people discover, develop and gain mastery of their gifts and potentials.
Ruth Kugumikiriza Musimbago
Pastor Robert is a pharmacist by profession. He has worked on life changing clinical research in both Ugandan and American Institutions and is venturing into Innovating Drug Design, Research and Development. He has a strong passion for the people of God.
Pastor Ruth is an experienced Public Health Professional with a history of working in the public health sector and non-profit organisations in East Africa and USA. She has a spiritual calling on her life to minister and to help God’s people accomplish the divine plans of their lives. She has a unique passion for community projects and supports the community initiatives at JFFI.
Timothy Mulenga
Pastor Timothy has a Bachelors in Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies and Masters in Advanced Aerodynamics and Aerospace Engineering. HE is an entrepreneur is currently working in the computational fluid dynamics field. He has fulfilled several ministerial and leadership roles since 2013 and looks forward to continuing to develop his spiritual gifts and serving faithfully through JFFI.
Audrey Mulenga
Pastor Audrey has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Change. She is an entrepreneur and for the last 3 years she has been working in the Project Management sector and is currently working as a Delivery Lead for an industry leading IT company. She has a passion for the Kingdom of God and is excited to keep serving God’s people.
Assistant Pastor
Rebecca Mondo
Assistant Pastor Lebeka has significant experience in the media sector after having studied the course in college and pursing it at a degree level. She has used her profound knowledge to build upon and develop the media ministry of JFFI. She is eager to continue being used by God and being a benefit to the Kingdom.
Nathalie Coutama
Victory Ekaeze
Minister Nathalie is well educated with Diplomas in Admin and Clerical, Travel and Tourism as well as Marketing Services. She has faithfully and diligently served in JFFI since 2017 and is dedicated to continuing her walk with God, building his Kingdom and being used by God.
Minister Victory is an experienced nurse both in the UK and Nigeria. She has a spiritual calling to speak encouraging words to people. She is also called to be an intercessor, helping people to build the right foundation of relationship.
Okoro Uche Mba 
Minister Okoro is a man with a heart of service, an orientation that has endeared him as a Kingdom Ambassador. His love for the gospel of Jesus has since led to the strategic use of diverse genre of music as a tool for evangelism, a feat that accounts for his music ministry journey of over two decades. 
Osamudiamen Egheomwanre
Minister Osamudiamen is a firm believer of the mandate as commanded by the great commission as this is what drives his heart for ministry.  He has heightened himself academically being well-educated with a Master's degree in Project Management, with plans for furthering his education. He looks forward to continuing to serve faithfully and being a broken vessel to be used by God
Oluwatoyin Jaiyeola
Minister Oluwatoyin has been born again for upward of 20 years. She is an engineer by training. She has held several Christian posts and has built herself spiritually which has helped in shaping her views and progress in the Lord. 



Jesus Foundation Family is a multi-channel mega church with interconnected branches where people from all nations come together to worship God.


Our mission is reaching out to the nations by practically demonstrating the love of Christ, setting the captives free by the power of the Holy Spirit and effective prayers; and changing lives and raising champions through the word of God.



Bible Study: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
School of Ministry: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Workers Empowerment program: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Services: Bible Academy:
10am – 10:30am
1st Service: 10:30am – 12:00pm
2nd Service: 12:30pm – 1:45pm

Monday – Sunday:
Rekindling the fire hour:
5:30am – 6:30am

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